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Why Choose AtmosEffect?

Why Choose Us

The Best Experience

Our Valet Fitness Experience is “top-shelf.” You will feel like the only one that matters when the Valet Gym pulls up just for you or for your group. This incredible fitness experience is catered to you and provides you with ultimate convenience and value. We bring freshly made fruit infused water, mister fans and have shade/rain tents available. Our on-board sound system will allow us to play the music of your choice during your session. Who said you can’t have a private gym and your own trainer? Choose AtmosEffect Fitness for a private, convenient and premium fitness experience.

The Best Equipment

We have the best portable gym equipment around, bar-none! That’s because our Valet Gym is made up of REAL GYM EQUIPMENT. Most of the “mobile gym” companies out there are simply a trainer with a pickup truck or a utility van, with some dumbbells and yoga mats in their trunks. With us, you get the full gym experience and the best part is, that it comes to you! Click Here to checkout our Valet Gym page for more information about our incredible equipment. 

The Best Coaches

Our Certified Trainers are the best around. They are experts on proper form & execution. They are also intimately familiar with what nutrients are needed to fuel results. Our Coaches know how to motivate and inspire people towards transformation, while having fun doing so. They are also compassionate and operate with the utmost excellence and integrity. Don’t opt for just another trainer who is trying to sell you sessions, opt for our coaches who are seeking to inspire your transformation! 

We Save You Time

Because our fitness services are 100% mobile and virtual, we save you drive time by bringing the workouts and trainer to you. No more wasting time driving to and from the gym!

We Get You the Results

At AtmosEffect Fitness, we implement, teach and empower you with a LIFESTYLE. You will see meaningful results during your time with us and will be educated and empowered to sustain the gains even after our time is over. We will teach you how to sustain-ably challenge your body in exercising with perfect form, teach you what proper rest and recovery looks like and educate you on how to fuel your body with healthy foods that align with your needs and your goals. In other words, we show you how to incorporate health and fitness into your lifestyle and daily routine. Choose AtmosEffect Fitness and your transformation will continue even beyond your sessions!

Click here to check out some of our client success stories!

We Give Back

It is in our DNA to give! 10% of our corporate profits are given to support the good works of non-profit organizations at both the local and global level. In turn, every AtmosEffect client becomes a giving partner. We also provide relief to individuals in our community who have acute needs. 

Our Value System

Operating with integrity, doing things with excellence and hard work are all core aspects of the AtmosEffect value system. Our north star or primary value is to put people, rather than profits, first.

We always seek to honor those we interact with and provide them with value. These genuine efforts are translating into many positive experiences for both our past and our present clients. Feel free to read below some of the reviews and experiences that others have had and continue to have with AtmosEffect Fitness.

Rave Reviews

Lisa Rosenau
Lisa Rosenau

Amazing Trainers!! They do a great job of watching your individual posture and movement to critique you to get the best results. LOVE our Saturday morning workouts! Hubby has been using them for personal training and his results in just a few weeks are amazing! Would recommend to anyone who wants to learn how to work out the correct way to get results!!

Lavern Mclean
Lavern Mclean

I have worked with this company for a while now, and they have listened to my concerns with my weight loss. They have been helping me to achieve my weight loss goals. Kerven is phenomenal! He pushes you and reminds you why you are here!

Marjie Rosario
Marjie Rosario

Love the challenging workout! Trainer is very patient and knowledgeable. I leave feeling like I’ve accomplished something!

Joey A Ruggiero
Joey A Ruggiero

This incredible gym doesn’t just help you reach your fitness goals, doesn’t just meet you anywhere you need them to, but helps you focus on the right things and reach all types of goals that we set for ourselves.

Barbara Hansen
Barbara Hansen

I participated in the Alpha to Omega group fitness class and I had a great experience. The trainers were very friendly and knowledgeable, as well as encouraging. The atmosphere was not intimidating and I felt like they cared about my fitness success.

Tony Diliberto
Tony Diliberto

Wow! Kerven and the AtmosEffect team are such amazing people! When I train with Kerven, he makes sure my form is perfect and pushes me to my limits. He has such a passion, not only for fitness, but to bring out the best in others. Every time I finish a session with him I feel like I leave a better me – he’s such a positive person it’s contagious.

Abby Marrero
Abby Marrero

Their mission and vision is so powerful! They truly care about impacting and helping others. I love connecting with people who share the same core values as me and atmoseffect does! Trainer Kerven has a heart full of service and knows exactly what he is doing. The workout was intense and so much fun!

Jody Hawkins
Jody Hawkins Read More

This is a unique and brilliant idea! A portable gym with personal trainers! Kerven and Joel were amazing. They really came down to my level and made me feel comfortable. They were patient and very down to earth! Definitely would recommend AtomsEffect Fitness!

Choose AtmosEffect

  • We come to you
  • We work around your schedule
  • We bring our fully equipped Valet Gym
  • Always a fun and positive atmosphere
  • We get you REAL, SUSTAINABLE results
  • Nutritional guidance is available
  • Indoor/Outdoor/Virtual Options
  • Fruit infused water is provided
  • Cooling mister fans when outside
  • Outdoor covering is available
  • Solar powered on-board music system
  • On-board LED Lighting

the atmoseffect fitness app

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In-App Messaging with Your Trainer
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