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Corporate wellness

Introducing our virtual corporate wellness program that not only improves the overall health and wellbeing of your employees but can also boost productivity and reduce healthcare costs, making it a win-win solution for both your company and your team. With personalized wellness plans, engaging fitness challenges, and expert resources, our program is designed to create a happier, healthier, and more motivated workforce. Let's work together to make wellness a top priority in your workplace!

Learn how our corporate wellness solution can work for your company 


Our virtual Corporate Wellness Program easy to implement,  engaging for employees, and rotates on a schedule to support company workflow. 

AFter our Initial 15-minute Call

 Dive into the details, including implementation, program layout, cost/benefits solutions, HR support, and data reporting.

Our team provides a comprehensive checklist and finalizes the proposal. Working with you to determine the start date for the first 6-week Wellness Challenge.

Week 1: Decision makers meeting

Week 2: Promotion begins

Two weeks prior to the Challenge start date, you will notify employees with promotional email communications provided by us.

In-office meetings led by our team generates excitement and 
builds anticipation.

Week 3: Communication continues

Continued sign-up and promotion efforts.

Our team provides ongoing support and guidance for employee engagement.

Week 4: The Challenge Kick-off

Challenge kick-off! The first day of the 6-week Wellness Challenge.

Our team actively assists with employee set up and engagement throughout the program.

Regular check-ins and progress updates to leadership informed on program participation.

By following this timeline, your company can thoroughly plan and prepare for the Wellness Challenge, ensuring effective promotion, engagement, and ongoing support for participants.

Approx 1 hour 

Emails, Social media promotions, webpages, ect.

Employees are motivated by incentives, such as rewards or recognition, for participating in wellness programs. This can include prizes, cash rewards, or extra time off work. We work with you to decide on incentives that support your employees and match company culture. 

Our Challenges increase engagement
2-4x typical Corporate wellness programs

Employees want wellness programs that provide education and resources from professionals to help them better understand and improve their health. 

By partnering with AtmosEffect Fitness you get an expert in the field of diet and exercise. 
Kelsey is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist with the background and education to help employees better manage chronic disease, change their life, and establish
healthy habits.

incentives, education, and communication are important factors in motivating employees to participate in wellness programs





We know your team is busy, that's why our solution includes program management to ensure success with very little of your staff's time.  
We provide clear and frequent communication about the wellness program, including updates on events, new resources, and success stories from others.

Employees Want Wellness Programs that...

  • Flexibility: Programs can be adapted to their individual needs, and are inclusive for all fitness levels. We provide options for different types of physical activities, and nutrition advice. 

  • Accessibility:  Both in terms of location and schedule. Programs that are available on-site or virtually and that offer options to accommodate their busy schedules.

  • Personalization: To their individual needs and goals. Our programs include personalized fitness plans, and nutrition plans, that focus on consistency over perfection.

INCLUDE physical, mental, and emotional well-being

Program Features

How we are different

Your human resource team doesn't need additional work. You need a partner with the expertise to support your workforce.

Our 6-week Challenges Provide:

  • Personal and holistic plans
  • Focus on consistently good vs. occasionally perfect
  • Personal accountability coaching from a clinical professional
  • A focus that is anti-diet
  • Mindful stress management
  • Body composition
  • Interactive and time saving technology
don't just take my word for it.

hear from an employee who has found success. 

don't just take my word for it.

hear from Business who have found success.