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Corporate wellness

When you partner with the AtmosEffect Fitness Corporate Wellness program, we provide unique 6-week challenges which are proven to produce four times more engagement than usual corporate wellness programs. Your employees will benefit from personal exercise recommendations, educational videos, and registered dietician nutritional advice. Virtual support through our mobile app provides individual solutions for each employee.

Your employees are looking for ways to prevent or reverse disease and improve their quality of life.

By partnering with AtmosEffect Fitness you get an expert in the field of diet and exercise. Many chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol are preventable with healthy lifestyle changes.

Kelsey is a Clinical Exercise
Physiologist with the background and education to help employees change their life and establish healthy habits.

Our Corporate Wellness Challenges deliver topics employees care about from fat loss to stress, to nutrition.

We limit obstacles and select programs that are inclusive and approachable for all employees, no matter their fitness level.

Every employee receives a personal program as unique as they are. When your employees' plan is personalized for their current health goals, it’s much more likely to be followed.

The CDC reports 75% of all healthcare costs come from lifestyle diseases. 

tracking your heart rate

The technology utilized in the program provides data for your HR team (engagement data) and data that produces results (personalized data for employees)  Tracking heart rate improves employees' quality of exercise. 

Benefits of Heart rate data:

  • It's Individualized, does not matter age or gender, 
  • HR reflects the quality of the workout. Helping individuals reach their goals faster
  • It reflects how individuals are adapting to exercise.
  • This helps individuals understand how to push themselves. 
  • Adequate time in certain heart rate zone increase calories burned during and after exercise. 


Meal tracking is easy and approachable for everyone. No counting macros, no special diet. Our philosophy of consistently good over occasionally perfect allows employees to eat their preferred foods with mindfulness and freedom. Tracking food with a simple photo has greater results than tediously tracking every morsel.

Let me explain how this can be implemented in your company. Click below for more information and to book a 15-minute zoom meeting with Kelsey

don't just take my word for it.

hear from an employee who has found success. 

don't just take my word for it.

hear from Business who have found success.