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How does the Valet Gym concept work?

Our innovative approach to how people typically exercise. Equipment that is found in a brick-and-mortar gym has been condensed and designed into a towable modular. This gives us the ability to meet you, (the client) right where you are, which is ultimately more convenient and time effective for you. It's convenient and private. Some people just don’t feel comfortable working out in a gym for various reasons. Since we can train with you anywhere, we provide a private training solution without having to share equipment or space. 

What types of service do you offer?

AtmosEffect offers one-on-one personal training & small group personal training (outdoor, indoor & virtual), Transformational group (larger group or community group fitness), online coaching, corporate wellness programs as well as custom events. 

Do you offer a free trial?

The initial session is free. During the initial session, you will participate in a FREE 30-minute personal training session so we can assess your baseline fitness level and you can experience the benefits of our Valet Gym experience. After the session, your personal trainer will discuss your desired goals in detail and review how AtmosEffect Fitness can best serve you to reach your goals.

How do I schedule a training session?

Please Contact us directly to schedule an appointment.

What is provided during a training session? 

All equipment is provided as well as water and music. We have a BYOB policy (bring your own bottle) for water.

Do you have payment plan options?

Yes we do. All our personal training packages and plans are structured for payment plans. 

How do your memberships work?

All of our memberships have $0 in signup fees and you can cancel at any time. However, cancellation of our auto-pay memberships or auto-pay packages will require a 30 day written cancellation notice, per our Cancellation and Reschedule Policies. 

Are your services tailored toward weight lifting only? 

Our fitness services are tailored to whatever approach best supports your goals, your needs, and your desired body type.

We carry many different kinds of equipment to support cardio-style workouts such as: jump ropes, sprint parachutes, sleds, jump hurdles, agility cones and agility ladders. In terms of non-equipment related cardio approaches, we do it all, including HIIT Cardio. When you sign-up for personal training with us, your program is custom designed to meet your specific needs and your specific goals. 

Do you offer nutritional guidance?

Yes. Nutrition is a huge component of our overall health. All of our personal training plans come standard with nutritional guidance, accessed via our mobile app. 

Is training indoors an option?

Yes it is, for personal training and small group training. If you are more comfortable exercising indoors, we have plenty of portable equipment that we can bring indoors to give you both a challenging and effective indoor workout.

Can we still train if it's raining outside?

For personal training and small groups, we ask you to provide a backup space indoors for inclement weather. 

Do you have franchising opportunities?

Yes! Please click here for more information.