Valet Fitness Experience ®

The Experience
Tired of not seeing the results you want? Not too keen on the typical gym setting? Our Valet Fitness Experience is perfect for you! We meet you right at your front door with a mobilized gym and certified personal trainer. Our sessions are private, highly effective and are tailored to your specific needs. Our at-home training is arguably the most unique, effective and fun at-home fitness experience in America.
In Person Training
We offer a wide array of training formats to meet each client's unique needs, unique goals and unique budgets with: at-home & at-the-office personal training (indoor & outdoor), outdoor FitCamps and community based Transformation Groups. Whether you are looking to loose weight, tone-up, bulk-up, improve athletic performance or simply just stay active, our coaches can format the training sessions to suit your needs.
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Virtual Training
Powered by Zoom & our world class fitness app, your workouts and your personal trainer can travel with you no matter where you are! Our virtual solutions allow for ultimate flexibility and ensure that your training routine remains a top priority even during your busiest of seasons. This is a great solution for the busy working professional who needs maximum flexibility.
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The Convenience
Whether the personal training is in-person or virtual, the trainer and workout meet you right where you are. We save you drive time by bringing a full gym experience to you. We also strive to train on your time by scheduling sessions with what best suits your schedule.  With indoor, outdoor and virtual training options available, it's always: Your place, Your time, You choose.
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The Results
Our programs have gained a reputation of getting people meaningful and sustainable results. Our trainers have great attention to detail and our packages come with all of the tools that you need to succeed. At AtmosEffect Fitness, we implement, teach and empower you with a LIFESTYLE. You will see meaningful results during your time with us and will be educated and empowered to sustain the gains even after our time is over.
Success Stories

Our Services

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Personal Training

Corporate Wellness

Event Experiences

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Virtual Fitness

The Mobile Gym

Rave Reviews

Lisa Rosenau
Lisa Rosenau
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Amazing Trainers!! They do a great job of watching your individual posture and movement to critique you to get the best results. LOVE our Saturday morning workouts! Hubby has been using them for personal training and his results in just a few weeks are amazing! Would recommend to anyone who wants to learn how to work out the correct way to get results!!
Lavern Mclean
Lavern Mclean
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I have worked with this company for a while now, and they have listened to my concerns with my weight loss. They have been helping me to achieve my weight loss goals. Kerven is phenomenal! He pushes you and reminds you why you are here!
Marjie Rosario
Marjie Rosario
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Love the challenging workout! Trainer is very patient and knowledgeable. I leave feeling like I’ve accomplished something!
Joey A Ruggiero
Joey A Ruggiero
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This incredible gym doesn’t just help you reach your fitness goals, doesn’t just meet you anywhere you need them to, but helps you focus on the right things and reach all types of goals that we set for ourselves.
Barbara Hansen
Barbara Hansen
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I participated in the Alpha to Omega group fitness class and I had a great experience. The trainers were very friendly and knowledgeable, as well as encouraging. The atmosphere was not intimidating and I felt like they cared about my fitness success.
Tony Diliberto
Tony Diliberto
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Wow! Kerven and the AtmosEffect team are such amazing people! When I train with Kerven, he makes sure my form is perfect and pushes me to my limits. He has such a passion, not only for fitness, but to bring out the best in others. Every time I finish a session with him I feel like I leave a better me - he’s such a positive person it’s contagious.
Abby Marrero
Abby Marrero
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Their mission and vision is so powerful! They truly care about impacting and helping others. I love connecting with people who share the same core values as me and atmoseffect does! Trainer Kerven has a heart full of service and knows exactly what he is doing. The workout was intense and so much fun!
Jody Hawkins
Jody Hawkins
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This is a unique and brilliant idea! A portable gym with personal trainers! Kerven and Joel were amazing. They really came down to my level and made me feel comfortable. They were patient and very down to earth! Definitely would recommend AtomsEffect Fitness!

Everything YOU need



mobile fitness service

Atmosphere matters, as we ultimately become who and what we surround ourselves with. Therefore, AtmosEffect® Fitness does everything with a spirit of positivity and inspiration. We will provide the positive atmosphere and if you bring a positive attitude, positive results will happen.



PT On-Demand

Personal Trainer On-Demand is the perfect plan for those who want an occasional session with a Certified Trainer. This format is a great compliment to your normal fitness routine and is a highly effective sustainment plan. 

1x per month: starting at $70

2x per month: starting at $135

*no contracts & no fees*

*billed every 4 weeks*

transformation groups

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1-on-1 PT

The best at-home personal training experience in America. Get the full undivided attention and devotion of a Certified Personal Trainer for maximum results. The AtmosEffect Fitness experience is private, effective, convenient and fun.

4 Week Plans: starting at $300

8 Week Plans: starting at 2 payments of $285

12 Week Plans: starting at 3 payments of $270

*get up to 25% off with a membership*

*no contracts & no fees*

Small Group PT

Perfect for families, friends or neighbors, Small Group Personal Training is designed for 2-4 people and allows for the price of the plan to be shared amongst the group members, drastically reducing the per person investment of at-home training. Includes complimentary access to our App. 

4 Week Plans: starting at $380

8 Week Plans: starting at 2 payments of $361

12 Week Plans: starting at 3 payments of $342

*get up to 25% off with a membership*

*no contracts & no fees*

Transformation Groups

Transformation Groups workout 2x per week, at private homes. Designed for 6 people, these groups are all about each person hitting a specific goal within 12 weeks. Periodic weigh-ins, individualized nutrition plans, workouts for non meet days and app access all come standard: Personal Training for $30 or less per session, unbeatable!

Host Home: 3 payments of $190

Regular: 3 payments of $240

*get 10% off for military and couples*

*membership options are available*

Virtual PT

Meet with your Personal Trainer in a private Zoom meeting room in the comfort of your home, your office or while you travel. Virtual Personal Training is offered in 4, 8 & 12 week transformation plans. Membership options are also available. Includes complimentary access to our App. 

4 Week Plans: starting at $180

8 Week Plans: starting at 2 payments of $171

12 Week Plans: starting at 3 payments of $162

*get up to 25% off with a membership*

*no contracts & no fees*


FitCamps Plus combines FitCamps with Online Coaching for a more personalized approach, to also include written workouts for non FitCamp days and nutritional guidance. 

1 Person Memberships:

1 FitCamp per week: $100 every 4 weeks

Unlimited FitCamps: $150 every 4 weeks


Our FitCamps are some of the best outdoor, boot-camp style workouts in the country. We currently offer multiple membership options, each allowing for a different number of class enrollments per week. please see below for details. 

1 Person Memberships:

1x per week: $30 every 4 weeks

3x per week: $60 every 4 weeks

Unlimited: $80 every 4 weeks

Buddy  Memberships:

1x per week: $50 every 4 weeks

3x per week: $100 every 4 weeks

Unlimited: $120 every 4 weeks

Online Coaching

Online Coaching, through our world class fitness & nutrition app, is offered in exciting 4, 8 and 12 week plans. We also offer a membership option.

4 WEEK PLAN: 1 payment of $79

8 WEEK PLAN: 2 payments of $75

12 WEEK PLAN: 3 payments of $70

Note: payments are made every 4 weeks

Membership: $65 every 4 weeks