Get the Body You've Always Wanted!

Fed up with carrying the extra weight or finally want to tone up that stubborn problem area?

There’s no better time than NOW to start your weight loss and toning transformation. Whether you want to lose 5lbs and tone up or lose 100lbs, we can put you on a plan to get you there! The plans are actionable with specific weight and measurement goals within finite time periods. This way, if 100lbs is the end goal, you will reach a sub-goal, say 12 pounds, at the end of each month where we will celebrate each milestone as progress is made towards the larger end goal.

The Approach

We combine cardio and resistance training when designing a plan that is tailored to your body type and desired results. Our coaches will encourage you and motivate you each step of the way to shred fat, remove inches and tone up. We are masters at body sculpting and make it fun too! We shake up the cardio styles using walking, running, biking, swimming, kickboxing, stair climber, battle ropes and many others considering the client’s preference. We will also coach and guide you on your eating habits and nutrition, giving you a holistic solution for achieving your goals. 

Some other techniques and equipment that is commonly used are:

  • Calisthenics
  • Plyometrics
  • Kettle bell training
  • Resistance training

Why Choose Us?

Why choose us when there are endless exercise blogs and online videos to show you how to do any exercise? AtmosEffect Fitness will adapt the plan to your progress – we spend time with you and listen to your wants and needs. You will always be challenged to further your progress so that you get the biggest impact! We will hold you accountable and coach you through each workout, so that you can’t just give up when it gets hard.

Just when you are feeling like you’ve made as much progress as you can, our coaches will motivate & encourage you to reach the next level. Never let a workout be dull and unproductive. Let us help you shake it up. Don’t wait!

We are excited and honored to walk with you on this journey. Sign up Now for a FREE Personal Training Session!