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Two secrets to maximize your health and results

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During the past decade, I’ve helped many individuals create a sustainable plan to maximize their health; see if these two secrets guide you to maximize your health and results.

It’s not about finding the right diet or a quick fix, instead, try taking a more sustainable approach. By changing your mindset and approach you can maximize your health for years to come.

According to a 2018 survey by OnePoll, the average American adult tries four diets per year. Another survey conducted by the International Food Information Council in 2020 found that 10% of respondents reported trying more than 10 different diets in the past year.

It’s clear, no one needs another diet, but a better approach. 

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Secret #1: Consistently good vs. Occasionally perfect 

The number one reason people try more than one diet a year is that the first diet didn’t work for them. It’s not about finding the “perfect diet” but committing to the right approach. 

There is a better way to maximize your health.

It’s better to be consistently good vs. occasionally perfect.   This simple philosophy makes all the difference. The average person believes dieting consists of giving up or restricting foods they love, and eating foods they hate. 

Simply put dieting= feeling miserable.

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The consistently good vs. occasionally perfect approach removes the pressure of being perfect. Rather than setting someone up for failure, and keeping them on the diet rollercoaster, I create a realistic program aimed at success.

By simply removing the pressure of perfection, the commitment to the program significantly improves.  This approach allows you to plan for “treat” meals like dinner out with your spouse or a birthday celebration. It keeps you on track while still living life. A life worth living is worth living well. 

People who consistently follow a healthy nutrition plan 80% of the time will see dramatic results.

Features of the consistently good vs. occasionally perfect

  • Provide a meal plan that’s right for the individual and their goals (clean eating, Paleo, intermittent fasting, etc.)
  • Give them the realistic goal of following their personal plan at 80% rather than perfection.  Hence the “good”.

Tracking in the App 

AtmosEffect Fitness App dashboard display, Corporate Wellness App

AtmosEffect Fitness App provides the simple ability to track a person’s meals and progress, I can provide powerful coaching and I’ll see even greater compliance and results.

The Consistently good vs. occasionally perfect approach combined with accountability coaching yields the greatest results. Accountability focusing on transparency and honesty allows me to identify areas for improvement. 

Decreasing the pressure to be perfect and setting measurable goals increases commitment and compliance with the program. 

Many people find freedom and results by committing to consistently following a healthy nutrition plan 80% of the time.

Positive results provide momentum and heighten the desire to keep going. 

Secret #2 Follow Your heart

Best Corporate Wellness Tampa Bay, Personal Trainers Riverview Florida, Engaging Corporate Wellness solutions

The perfect exercise plan to maximize your health.

You know exercise is good for you and you may even know the benefits of exercise.  But do you know what is the right exercise plan for you to reach your goals?  

There are so many options.  What’s best for you?

With a personal heartrate-based exercise plan, I can tell you exactly how many minutes you should exercise each week and exactly how hard you should be working out. 

You’ve been told to increase your exercise. However, you may be doing enough physical activity but you may not be exercising at the right intensity. Heart rate based exercise tracking allows me to coach you to the intensity that provides the greatest results to help you reach your goals fast. 

A heart rate-based plan, with an accurate heart rate monitor, is the absolute best way to insure your exercising the right amount and the right quality (effort) for you each week.

If you’re going to take the time to exercise why not follow a plan that is perfect for you?  No more guesswork.  Plus, you may find it’s easier than you think. By wearing a heart rate monitor and recording your workout with the press of a button (another feature of the AtmosEffect Fitness App), you can achieve the right intensity to maximize your health and exercise.

Bonus.  Burn 10x calories.

By following the right heart rate plan, you can continue burning calories for up to 36 hours after your workout.  Based on the science of heart rate and EPOC, you can burn up to 10X more calories post-exercise than a typical workout.

If you’d like to learn more about heart rate based exercise, check out my article “Which heart rate zone delivers the best results?”

If you’d like to learn more about how I can deliver these results to all your employees, for the price of a health club membership. Contact me below. 

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