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Small Group Training

Small Group Training

Work out with Friends & Family!

Have a small group of friends, family members or a work team that wants a convenient and effective health and fitness solution? Our small group personal training is your solution.

Get the Valet Fitness Experience in a group setting. Designed for groups of 2-4 people, our Small Group Personal Training Packages are both highly effective and fun!

The Advantages

Each person in the small groups receives individual goal-setting and consultation with our Certified Trainers for both fitness and nutritional guidance. Each person also receives complimentary access to our fitness and nutrition app, providing every edge needed to succeed.

Accountability is key to success! Being a part of a group with people you know ups accountability and therefore, the results with it. There is a greater level of support and encouragement as each person supports their fellow small group members in achieving their goals.

Our Small Group Packages are also a great way to get premium personal training at a more affordable price. The package price is shared among the group members, greatly reducing the per-person investment.

Just when you are feeling like you’ve made as much progress as you can, our coaches will motivate & encourage you to reach the next level. Never let a workout be dull and unproductive. Let us help you shake it up. Don’t wait!

the atmoseffect fitness app

Customized six week challenges
Track Stats and Workouts
In-App Messaging with Your Trainer
Simple nutrition tracking and resources
and more