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Corporate Wellness Resources

Two secrets to maximize your health and results

During the past decade, I’ve helped many individuals create a sustainable plan to maximize their health; see if these two secrets guide you to maximize your health and results. It’s not about finding the right diet or a quick fix, instead, try taking a more sustainable approach. By changing your mindset and approach you can […]


Our New Brand and Web Design for AtmosEffect Fitness

We are so excited to celebrate the launch of our new brand and web design at AtmosEffect Fitness! Our visuals are fresh and modern, and we are so hopeful you’ll enjoy exploring all of our offerings with ease. Below, discover more of our new brand and web design, and of course, visit AtmosEffect Fitness for […]

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Personal Training Resources

Which heart rate zone delivers the best results?

When you exercise at different heart rate zones, your body undergoes different physiological adaptations, which can produce different results. By monitoring your heart rate during exercise you can learn which heart rate zone is best for you to achieve your desired results. Which heart rate zone produces the best result? Heart rate zones are usually […]

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