About Us


To foster a positive atmosphere and fitness experience that empowers people to transform their lives


To create a mobilized fitness movement accessible to everyone, everywhere: A movement that breathes inspiration and positivity into people's lives, a movement that opens closed doors and empowers the entrepreneurial dreams of fitness passionate people

Meet The Team

We believe that Atmosphere matters. The people we surround ourselves with eventually become a “thermostat” in our lives: they either elevate us to new heights or they pull us down with them.  We decided early on that we were going to be the kind of organization that “sets the right temperature.” We genuinely seek to elevate others by fostering an atmosphere of positivity, by speaking life into people and reminding them that they are more than conquerors. This is the kind of brand we are creating: one that breathes positivity into peoples lives. This is why we named our company AtmosEffect Fitness: we foster a positive atmosphere and the effect of that is a positive outcome on those we interact with. What’s in your Atmosphere?   

We give 10% of all corporate profits to support non-profits and individuals in our community. Every client, therefore, becomes a giving partner with us in helping to positively impact the world. Click the button below to learn more about our giving: 

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