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Strength Training

Strength Training

Get Stronger Now!

Strength training is the best way to lose weight, improve your physical appearance, and increase your quality of life. Our certified personal trainers all use strength training to help clients reach their goals! Read some success stories.  If you are ready for an at-home personal trainer to come to you and improve your health, AtmosEffect Fitness has your valet fitness solution.

Our coaches specialize in strength and resistance training. By focusing on proper form and execution, we will challenge your muscles like never before and your result will be adding strength and muscular toning.

The Plan

We will build a custom plan for you that includes nutritional guidance to ensure that you are properly fueling your body. We will also provide you with custom-made at-home workouts or at-the-gym workouts for the days that we do not have an in-person meeting. You will have every edge you need to succeed!

Our Valet Gym has both on and off the gym equipment perfectly suited for strength and resistance training. Some equipment includes:

  • Kettle Bells
  • TRX
  • Bench press and squat rack
  • Pull-up and dip bars
  • Pump bars
  • Resistance and tension bands
  • Pulley systems with many attachments
  • much more…

Just when you are feeling like you’ve made as much progress as you can, our coaches will motivate & encourage you to reach the next level. Never let a workout be dull and unproductive. Let us help you shake it up. Don’t wait!

the atmoseffect fitness app

Customized six week challenges
Track Stats and Workouts
In-App Messaging with Your Trainer
Simple nutrition tracking and resources
and more