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by: AtmosEffect Fitness ®

The AtmosEffect Difference

Our programs have gained a reputation of getting people meaningful and sustainable results. Our trainers have a great attention to detail and our packages come with all of the tools that you need to succeed. Check-out some of our success stories

At AtmosEffect Fitness, we implement, teach and empower you with a LIFESTYLE. You will see meaningful results during your time with us and will be educated and empowered to sustain the gains even after our time is over.

Personal Training is offered in highly effective 30, 60 and 90 day Transformation Plans that passionately motivate results in a clear time frame by utilizing the SMART Goal methodology. This is a proven method to ensure that you and your trainer earnestly pursue the final results. We are committed to your success!

Our Personal Trainers provide a unique Valet Fitness Experience to every client. You will feel like the only one that matters when we bring the Certified Trainer, the Valet Gym, the equipment, the mister fans & the refreshments to you. We meet you right at your front door, providing a highly effective and highly convenient Valet Fitness Experience. Our in-person experience is arguably the most unique, effective and fun at-home fitness experience in America. 

Our on-board sound system will allow us to play the music of your choice during your session. Who said you can’t have a private gym and your own trainer?

Our Certified Trainers are the best around. They are experts on proper form & execution, which will not only promote the best results but will also ensure that you are exercising safely. Our Coaches know how to motivate and inspire people towards transformation, while having fun doing so. They are also compassionate and operate with the utmost excellence and integrity. Don’t opt for just another trainer who is trying to sell you sessions, opt for our coaches who are seeking to inspire your transformation.

We offer a wide array of training formats and approaches to meet each client’s unique needs, unique goals and unique budgets. With in-person training (indoor & outdoor), Zoom personal training and Virtual Coaching through our App, we will partner with you in implementing an approach that best suits you.

Whether you are looking to loose weight, tone-up, bulk-up, improve athletic performance or simply just stay active, our coaches can format the training sessions to suit your needs. To Learn more about our different training formats, click here

Whether the personal training is in-person or virtual, the trainer and workout meet you right where you are. We save you drive time by bringing a full gym experience to your front door. We also strive to train on your time by scheduling sessions with what best suits your schedule. 

With indoor, outdoor and virtual training options available, it’s always: Your place, Your time, You choose.

We have the best portable gym equipment around, bar-none! That’s because our Valet Gym is made up of REAL GYM EQUIPMENT. Most of the “mobile gym” companies out there are simply a trainer with a pickup truck or a utility van, with some dumbbells and yoga mats in their trunks. With us, you get the full gym experience and the best part is, that it comes to you! Click Here to checkout our Valet Gym page for more information about our incredible equipment. 

Our Plans Come With


All packages include:

Nutritional Guidance
Goal setting, macro management, tracking and intake recommendations all come standard with our personal training plans.
World Class Fitness App
Gain complimentary access to our app, where you can stay connected with your trainer 24/7, track results, get workouts and more...
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Personal Training Sessions
Our in-person sessions are highly effective, fun and are laser focused on achieving your desired goals. Our Certified Trainers are top notch. They will teach you how to exercise the right way and will educate and empower you with a lifestyle for sustaining results over the long run.
Custom Workouts
Workouts are tailored specifically to your body, your needs and your goals. We also send you at-home or at-the-gym workout routines to do on the days we are not scheduled to meet in-person. Even if you don't have access to equipment, we can still send you highly effective workouts. We are training you even when we are not with you in-person!
Results Tracking
Always know your progress! Before & After photos, body weight, body measurements, calories, macros and workout completion % are all tracked and made available to you through our app. We use data to help guide your program to a successful end result!
State-of-the-Art Equipment
We have the best portable gym equipment around, bar-none! We bring a full gym experience to your home or office. No more sharing or waiting for equipment, this training experience is private and is just for you!

Click Here to learn more about our Personal Training plans in ZOOM format

Training Formats

Cardio Fitness

Strength Training

Weight Loss

Pre/Post Natal

Senior Fitness

Youth Fitness

Sports Conditioning

Small Groups

Rehab Training

30, 60 and 90 day plans starting at only $300

*Get 25% off by enrolling in a membership*

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