A FitCamp is the AtmosEffect approach to group fitness classes. Compared to it’s traditional counterpart, our FitCamps are a hybrid approach: PERSONAL TRAINING IN A GROUP SETTING

The Traditional Approach

An instructor stands in front of a group, demonstrating exercises and cheerleading to motivate the participants. This is where the engagement ends between the instructor and the group, as the participants simply emulate the instructor for the length of the class. Each person in assumed to be like everyone else in the group, as there is limited thought made for each person’s unique body and unique needs. 

The AtmosEffect Way

We recognize that each person’s body and each persons needs are different, which is why we steer clear from the “traditional approach.” Our FitCamps are limited to 12 participants, ensuring maximum effectiveness and individualized time with each participant. Our Certified Trainers setup a circuit training regiment to include many different workout stations. If there are special needs, we create custom stations tailored specifically to those special needs participants. Our Trainers spend one-on-one time with each person, at each station, coaching them on how to do the exercises with perfect form and execution. This is not only critical for you to achieve maximum results but it is also critical for your safety. Our Trainers are also speaking individually to each participant, motivating and encouraging them to reach the next level, while considering and understanding their unique needs. 

You Choose

The “traditional approach” is a dime-a-dozen and can be found at most gyms, health clubs and outdoor boot-camps. If you are looking for traditional results, go with the “traditional approach.” If you are looking to get to the next level in your health and fitness, come checkout our FitCamps.

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