Great question. This is an innovative approach to how people typically “do gym.” Equipment that you would find in a brick-and-mortar gym has been condensed and designed into a towable modular. This gives us the ability to meet the client right where they are, which is ultimately more convenient and time effective for the client. Not only is convenience a benefit but so is privacy. Some people just don’t feel comfortable working out in a gym for various reasons. Since we can train with you anywhere, we can offer you truly private training solutions without having to share equipment or space. We are different than most at-home personal trainers, where training with us at your home, work or favorite public park does not come at the sacrifice of equipment, since we bring REAL gym equipment to you.

To find out more about the Valet Gym, please click here 

On the Gym Itself: Twin Modular Squat Racks, 8x Adjustable Cable Machines with Various Cable Attachments, Seated Row Station, Lat Pulldown Station, Bench Press with Adjustable Bench to also Include Shoulder Press, Heavy Bag with Boxing Gloves, T-Bar Row Attachment, 2x Battle Rope Stations, Dip Bar, Twin Pull-up Bars, TRX Stations, Exercise Bike, Stair-Climber, Waterproof Sound System for Music, Solar Panel to Power the Electronics and LED Lighting for night training. 

We also carry an array of other un-attached equipment to give you a complete workout experience. Included but not limited to: Dumbbells, Kettle Bells, Olympic Pump Bars, Elastic Bands, Resistance Bands, Jump Ropes, Agility Ladder, Jump Hurdles, Agility Cones, Sprint Parachute, Stability Ball, Sled, BOSU Ball, Slam Ball, Medicine Balls etc…

To find out more about the Valet Gym, please click here 

We offer personal training, small group personal training, FitCamps (group fitness), online personal training, workplace wellness programs as well as custom events. 

All of our memberships have $0 in signup fees and you can cancel at any time. However, cancellation of our auto-pay memberships or auto-pay packages will require a written cancellation notice, per our Cancellation and Reschedule Policies. 

We have a Pay-to-Play policy, meaning that sessions must first be pre-paid in order to schedule them. We have found that this is not only beneficial for the trainer but is also beneficial for the client. When you have real “skin in the game”,  you are more likely to stay committed to your goals, and pre-paying does this.

For FitCamps (group fitness), please use our online scheduling tool to book a spot (accessible via our FitCamp page). For personal training, small group personal training and events, please Contact Us directly to schedule an appointment.  

All equipment is provided as well as water and music. We have a BYOB policy (bring your own bottle) for water. This approach is better for the environment, which we are all stewards of. 

Yes it is. During the initial session, you will participate in a FREE 30 minute personal training session so that we can assess your baseline fitness level and so that you can “test drive” the experience. After the session, we will discuss your desired goals in detail  and review how AtmosEffect Fitness can best serve you to reach your goals. There is no obligation to buy and no hard sales pitches. 

The assessment is scheduled when you inquire about personal training. 

Absolutely! Give a FitCamp a try for only $1. See our FitCamps page for our online checkout.

Once our online shopping carts loads, go to Classes and find a class that fits your schedule and has open availability. When you go to checkout, enter TRYGROUPFITNESS into the promo code field. This will discount the group class from $12 to $1. This promo code is limited to one time use per customer. 

We offer solutions for both as we strive for a holistic training solution. In terms of cardio equipment, our mobile gym has attachments for an exercise bike and stair-climber. We also carry jump ropes, sprint parachute, sled, jump hurdles, agility cones and agility ladders. In terms of non-equipment related cardio approaches, we do it all, including HIIT Cardio. When you sign-up for personal training with us, your program is custom designed to meet your specific needs and your specific goals. 

Yes. Nutrition is a huge component of our overall health as well as our ability to reach our goals.  

Your employer would need to be okay with us training you on their property. In most cases, the employer would require AtmosEffect Fitness to sign a liability waiver form and to show proof of insurance: We would be happy to do both. We have both $1,000,000 General Liability and Professional Liability Insurance policies and can quickly furnish Certificates of Insurance upon request. 

Yes it is, for personal training and small group training. If you are more comfortable exercising indoors, we have plenty of portable off-the-gym equipment that we can bring indoors to give you both a challenging and effective indoor workout.

Yes! We carry large, inflatable tents with us that can be setup in a matter of minutes. These tents will provide covering in the event of a light rain shower. For personal training and small groups, working out indoors and over Zoom is an option as well.

Our lightning policy is as such: If lightning is detected within 5 miles of where we are training, the FitCamp or personal training session will either be transitioned into a suitable indoor space (if applicable) or onto a virtual platform such as Zoom. If neither indoor or virtual options are appropriate/feasible (as determined by Atmos), the session will be rescheduled; No refund will be issued, however, you will receive credit in order to re-schedule the missed personal training session or FitCamp. 

For personal training and small groups, working out indoors and over Zoom is an option as well.

Yes. We take a very thoughtful approach to keeping our clients as comfortable as possible in the hot weather. We have inflatable tents, which provide shade from the sun. We also run portable misting systems and portable fans, which are very refreshing and help to keep our core body temperature down. Cold water is also provided. 

For personal training and small groups, working out indoors and over Zoom is an option as well.

Yes. The gym comes equipped with multiple LED lights powered by our solar panel.

Not yet but that is coming soon… stay tuned for announcements related to franchising opportunities. If you are interested in joining the AtmosEffect Movement and multiplying the vision, please Contact Us so that we can begin to build a relationship with you.

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