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Atmosphere Matters!

We believe that the Atmosphere matters. The people we choose to surround ourselves with will eventually become a “thermostat” in our lives. They either elevate us to new heights or pull us down with them. Our brand’s identity is to breathe positivity into people’s lives. We genuinely seek to elevate others by fostering an atmosphere of positivity; by speaking life into people and reminding them that they are more than conquerors!

This is why our brand is named AtmosEffect Fitness: We believe that if we foster a positive atmosphere, the effect of that will be a positive impact on those we interact with. What’s in your atmosphere?

Open Air Fitness.

Although highly effective indoor fitness solutions are a part of our service offerings to the end consumer, our best fitness offerings are those that include training outdoors in the open air. The mobile gym experience is perfect for training outside! “Atmos” is a word that derives its origins from the historical Greek language. Its primary translation to English means “vapor” or “air.” This is where the English word atmosphere derives its literal meaning from: “air-sphere.”

There are so many positive benefits to spending more time outdoors for both the body and the mind. Our brand, AtmosEffect, speaks to the benefits and positive effects that people can experience by training outdoors in the open air. Our goal is for AtmosEffect Fitness to become America’s household name and a go-to brand for outdoor training and mobile fitness solutions!

Stand out from the Rest!

Our Valet Fitness Experience™ is top shelf! Our customers receive a one-of-a-kind, private fitness experience when our Valet Gym pulls up just for them. This incredible fitness experience is catered to each customer’s needs and provides them with ultimate convenience by eliminating their drive time. We also deliver ultimate value by helping our customers to hit their fitness goals with the dedicated help of our Certified Personal Trainers. We have created a brand and customer experience that is unique in the fitness industry and is second to none in terms of customer satisfaction, which is another reason why our brand stands out from the competition!

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