Can Tea 🍵 be Used as Medicine?

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We all know eating from the earth is important, but how important is it?

As the Client Experience Director, I am always looking to make our client experience richer!

We will ask questions like these to subject matter experts to give you jam packed information with actionable takeaways. I hope it fills you and enriches you. Even more, I hope you take away practical steps to walking out a healthier lifestyle. After all, we all could do a little bit better!

I’ll start with a quote from Jim Quick that stuck with me after a Born to Impact podcast,

“Knowledge alone is not power, it’s potential power. All the books, podcasts, seminars and online programs won’t work until you do.”

With that said, please don’t just consume – take action! Only then will you see results.

As the homeopathic lifestyle continues to take root and even explode with the “plant based” diet, no better way to start than to have one of my life long friends, Owner and Ops Manager of Old Barrel Tea Company answer this question.


Can tea be used as medicine?

When we think of medicine..

Many of us think of lab developed products such as aspirin or medical treatments such as chemotherapy. Media and modern medicine have given us reasons to believe that this type of “medicine” is the only way to take care of our bodies in a time of need. While it does help, and while modern medicine is definitely a great tool under certain circumstances, there are many natural and delicious ways to live preventatively and to take care of your body! One of our personal favorite methods is utilizing Camellia sinensis, better known as loose leaf TEA❤ our daily routines.

Why do we love it?

The Camellia sinensis plant is extremely high in antioxidants so it can help reduce the risk of disease. My mother-in-law and business partner is a 3 time cancer survivor, so our family has always been big on living a preventative lifestyle. While she has utilized modern medicine to save her life, she is a firm believer in drinking White tea daily (it’s the most delicate and highest in antioxidant properties) in order to stay healthy.

Camellia sinensis tea is also cram-packed with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, including a rare molecule called L-theanine. L-theanine moderates the release of caffeine, so while tea can give you a boost, you don’t get it all at once. Hence, you don’t get an energy spike and crash, but a smooth flow of energy that is great for prolonged mental focus.  This is just another great reason to incorporate it into your daily routine.

L-theanine is also said to increase alpha brain waves. Alpha brain waves are what we experience during REM sleep but are also associated with “wakeful relaxation.” Psychology Today explains that the trigger of alpha waves can enhance mental focus, creativity and relaxation: this is why our family loves to drink tea during our business meetings or while diving into the work day.

Differences in tea types

While many of the health benefits are consistent across the different varietals of tea, there are also some differences. For example, while White tea is extremely delicate and high in antioxidants, and often used for immune boosting, Puerh tea is oxidized and can act as a probiotic for your body, aiding in digestion and weight loss.

The amazing thing about loose leaf tea is that not only are the flavor options endless, but the health benefits are as well. You can truly find in both the indulgence of drinking the tea and in the process of making it as well. Tea is special in so many ways and we are very grateful that it’s a part of our families life and rooting in so many of our traditions.

Happy Tea Time❤

Nenada & the OBTC Team


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