Official Blog Launch!

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The past 18 months has brought on a lot of “newness” in my life. Between launching a fitness company (and all of the 1st’s that come along with a new venture), welcoming a second child to my family, living and adjusting to life amidst a pandemic as well as countless other changes that seem impossible to keep track of…. why not take on another new thing: Blogging.

We are excited and honored to launch a blog on, by bringing more value added content into the lives of our followers! With this first post, my intention is to set the stage for what our readers can expect going forward, to lay the foundation if you will. If you are a Type-A person like me, then you appreciate lists and having information given to you clearly, concisely and preferably in a bullet point format. That said, there is no better way that I can think of to provide this information than in a bullet point list with headers. Here we go:

Type of Content to Expect:

  • Fitness:
    • We will provide workout routine suggestions, form corrections, things for personal trainers and gyms, equipment recommendations and that latest scientific evidence as it relates to all things fitness
  • Nutrition:
    • We will provide healthy recipes, common misconceptions about food and diets, the benefits of healthy eating and that latest scientific evidence as it relates to all things nutrition
  • Well Being:
    • Here is where we will dive more into suggestions to promote mental and spiritual well being
  • Life:
    • We will discuss things like family, relationships, personal finances, the power of choice, local happenings in the Tampa Bay area and much more
  • Business:
    • We will provide business tips and insights, whats happening in industry, things to look out for (good and bad) etc…

When to Expect New Content:

  • For now, our team is thinking of posting fresh content on a monthly basis. We will evaluate this as we go and tweak the timing as necessary.

Where will the Content be Coming From:

  • We will both invite and solicit content from different authors, subject matter experts in different fields, we will utilize internal expertise and knowledge as well as source data and findings from outside credible sources. Interested in posting on our blog? Contact us


There ya have it, clear and concise. Now that the stage is set, stay tuned for more content!